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Tool: Thick Kerf Flat-Top Saw Blade

Manufacturer: Infinity

Price: $130

Saw blades come in two basic varieties: thin kerf and standard kerf. For wider cuts, you use a dado set, right? Well, now you have another option—a thick kerf blade. The folks at Infinity are manufacturing two of them; one cuts a 5/32″ kerf, while the other cuts a 1/4″ kerf. Both blades are 8″ dia.

Unlike a dado set, which leaves behind a trail of scoring marks, both Infinity blades cut a kerf with a flat bottom. This feature makes them ideal for making box joints, rabbets, tenon shoulders, raised panels and more.

Infinity’s Thick Kerf Blades are made from cold-rolled steel with micro-grain carbide tips. According to the manufacturer, they work well in all softwoods, hardwoods, laminates and veneered plywood. Both sizes have 24 teeth and are available with 5/8″, 30mm or 1″ arbor holes.

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