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Tool Test: Eco Series Spray Systems by ASI-HVLP

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SprayerfullNov13By Glen D. Huey
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The name ASI-HVLP may be new to you, but when you discover that the company behind this new brand is, in fact, Apollo Sprayers (which is credited with bringing HVLP to the amateur woodworker market) all questions are answered.

The Eco series – designed specifically for small shops and do-it-yourselfers – is a range of portable turbine spray systems that provide premium finishing performance at an affordable price.

The new Eco series includes a three-, four- or five-stage turbine option. Each has “Quiet Technology” for lower decibels in the shop, two reusable filters, 20′ of hose (with a quick disconnect at the gun end) and a 6′ power cord. The units are housed in a sleek, all-metal body with black powder-coat paint.

Each system is supplied with one of two different spray guns: The E5011 gun is a bleeder gun (air flows all the time) and the E7000 spray gun is a non-bleed gun (when you let off the trigger, the air stops). The non-bleed gun adds about $50 to the retail price.

We tested an Eco-5 system with a non-bleed spray gun. It’s the first five-stage turbine spray system available for less than $900. The five-stage turbine has plenty of power to easily atomize finishing materials for a smooth and consistent finished surface.

If you work primarily with conventional wood-finishing products, it’s entirely possible you’ll get by with a three-stage unit. I, however, would be hesitant to use a three-stage to spray thick-bodied, water-based products, including latex paint.

The Eco series is manufactured in the Apollo warehouse in California. It’s a great setup to allow woodworkers to explore and use HVLP technology at a reasonable price.

Article: Read how HVLP began with simple vacuum cleaners. Coming Soon.
Web Site: Visit the ASI-HVLP web site.

From the November 2013 issue #207

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