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Tool: Dust Deputy Bagger

Manufacturer: Oneida

MSRP: $129.95

Oneida’s Dust Deputy separators are an excellent upgrade for shop vacuums, especially in the shop. The cyclonic action separates out the majority of the dust and chips into an auxiliary container, so you’re emptying your vacuum much less and its filter stays cleaner longer. The newest offering from Oneida takes the Dust Deputy design a step further, with a wall-mounted separator that separates dust and chips into a disposable plastic bag.

When the vac is running, dust and chips are separated out via the cyclone into the bin below. The bag is sucked up against the bin (and no dust or chips are going into the bag). But when you turn the vac off, the accumulated de-bris falls into the bag. And, because the suction action of the vac effectively seals the bag, none of that accumulated debris is sucked back into the vacuum on subsequent uses. The first time we turned it on, we thought something was wrong (because we hadn’t read the directions), but it worked just like it was supposed to.

The package includes five clear 3 mil thick bags, and they recommend you replace the bag when it’s about two-thirds full. It’s much more convenient and easier on the lungs than trying to empty a full shop vac, and the wall-mounted system makes it great for general clean-up and dust extraction duty in the shop.

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