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The new sander from Mirka, “CEROS,” is about to change the way many woodworkers sand. This innovative tool brings the look and feel of air-driven sanding to the electric-powered user. You have to give the Ceros a closer look. Here’s a short video that demonstrates the difference in noise levels , forget your compressor sounding off in the background , and at the end, pricing is discussed.

– Glen D. Huey

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  • Glen

    S. Woodman, no video is going to show you the difference between the sanding job that a standard ROS provides and the job that an air-powered, or in this case, the new CEROS sander would do. That is something that you have to experience. The fact that this tool is available to woodworkers that do not have huge compressors in their shop, is extreme.

    Nick, I appreciate your thoughts and let’s leave it at that.

  • Nick Webb

    Glen, This is not the first time you have posted a video where you are making dust and not using extraction. For the sake of you own health, if not for the example is gives, you really should not do this.

  • S. Woodman

    I’m sorry to say that after watching the vid, I still can’t figure out why one would spend a few hundred dollars more on this sander as compared to many other ROS. I’m not pouring cold water on this new product but the demo doesn’t tell us how this is so much different apart from the DC motor.

  • Tom Cross

    I am really excited about this new sander. Thank you for doing the quick video which was really informative. I wonder how quickly it sands versus other sanders. Any chance you could do a quick shoot out of CEROS versus some other sanders using the same grit sandpaper? Weighing the wood samples before and after sanding would be very telling or how quickly it removes pencil marks.


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