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Bosch VAC140A Dust Extractor

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~TT_BoschVacby Chuck Bender
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There are lots of vacuums and dust extractors on the market, but what sets the Bosch VAC140A apart are the well-thought-out details. From the easily accessed drain hose to the hook for hanging the power cord, Bosch has taken into account how people actually use an extractor – the company made it both functional and convenient.

First and foremost, it’s a vacuum with lots of suction – 150 cubic feet per minute to be exact (and that translates to 97.15 static inches of water). This means you can suck up dust, shavings and even liquids with ease. And with a tank capacity of 14 gallons, you can do that for quite a while before having to empty it. Plus, any 120-volt tool can be plugged directly into the vacuum for synchronized use.

I like the outrigger casters on the machine. They make it easy to move around the shop and still provide great stability. The unit doesn’t get caught on tiny scraps; it just keeps rolling along.
Plus, for storing the hose and power cord, the hooks on the sides are great. They make it quick to tuck the vacuum away at the end of the day, and just as easy to set up whether you want to work in your shop or somewhere else.

The VAC140A has automatic filter cleaning. Every 15 seconds a shaker clears the filter, so it lasts longer and maintains constant suction. It’s noisy, but sound beats having to clean the filter by hand. Plus, you can turn it off.

If I have a complaint, it’s that the machine is a little noisy. At 70 decibels it’s not horrible, but other vacuums in this class are slightly quieter.

The VAC140A is a powerful dust extractor that works well whether attached to a miter saw, sander or as a stand-alone vacuum to clean your bench or shop.

Web site: Bosch Tools
Blog: Learn more about the Bosch VAC140A on our Editors’ Blog. To Come.

From the October 2014 issue, #213

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