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Editor’s note: this product no longer appears to be available.

Cyanoacrylite (CA) glues have been around for years, but the folks at Bioformix have come out with a new twist, making a product that’s much more practical for general woodworking.

Most CA glues have a very short working time. Nexabond 2500 is available in three different working time ranges; 2500S bonds between 30 seconds and 2 minutes; 2500M from 2 – 4 minutes; 2500L from 4 -15 minutes. The range within each of these has to do with some heady chemistry and the particular wood species you’re working with.

Unlike typical CA glues, which cure when moisture is introduced, Nexabond cures via salts and fatty acids. This allows the folks at Bioformix to have much greater control over the duration of the chemical reaction to create a wide range of working times.

According to the manufacturer, Nexabond 2500 delivers the holding power of epoxy and polyurethane glues. The big advantage you’ll get over typical wood glue is the drastic reduction in cure time. You won’t have to leave parts clamped for an hour or overnight before moving to the next step.

Nexabond is not a gap filling glue though, like epoxy, so for best results, the pieces you’re joining should have gaps no greater than .003″. Per ounce, it’s more expensive than the wood glues you’re used to, but you’ll use only a fraction of Nexabond compared to the amount of yellow glue you’d need for a typical joint.

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