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Tool: XTRA 2.0 Buy Now LINK Buy Now 

Manufacturer: ISOtunes

MSRP: $79.99 each

Bluetooth Hearing Protection

The ISOtunes family of hearing-protection headphones has grown by two recently, with the addition of the XTRA 2.0 and LINK. Like other ISOtunes headphones, these are compliant with OSHA and NIOSH regulations and feature a noise reduction rating of 27 and 24 dB respectively, while limiting the max volume to 85 db. In plain English that means you can enjoy your tunes while still protecting your ears from damage around loud activities, like woodworking.

Both of these Bluetooth headphones are clearly well made and filled with thoughtful touches. I personally found the LINK to put a bit too much pressure on my temples (but I have yet to find a pair of over-the-ear earmuffs that are comfortable long-term). The XTRA 2.0 comes with several sizes of eartips, ensuring comfort no matter your ear canal size.

One of my favorite features of the XTRA 2.0 was the magnetic earbuds. Loose cords of any sort in the shop are a risk, so the earbuds clipping securely together when I removed them provided peace of mind. As an added bonus, clipping them together would automatically pause whatever I was listening to.

Once I started using the XTRA 2.0 around the shop, they became my go-to earbuds in the house as well. Kids on a zoom call for school? Earbuds in. Kids running around the living room? Earbuds in. Kids start an impromptu rock band? Earbuds in. Turns out I didn’t need quieter children, just some noise-reduction headphones with all-day comfort.

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