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Tool: WD 5/P Wet-Dry Vac Shop Now 



Many woodworkers rely on vacuums for their dust collection needs around the shop. These tend to fall into two categories: common wet/dry vacs or much more expensive dedicated dust collector vacuums. The Karcher WD 5/P aims for the goldilocks category right in between those two camps.

First off, it’s a true wet/dry vacuum with a full assortment of accessories. There are smaller ones for nooks and crannies, extension tubes, and a floor attachment. It also has a blower function that can get dust out of tools or even take care of the leaves on your driveway.

The WD 5/P also has some of the best features of high-end dust collectors, like an onboard power tool outlet that automatically activates the vacuum when the tool is turned on. In addition, it has a rubber tool attachment, semi-automatic filter cleaning, and adjustable suction for a variety of jobs.

The best part is how well all of it works together. The WD 5/P never feels like it’s making serious compromises on any front. I’ve used it for sanding and sawing, cleaning my shop, and vacuuming out the cars, and I’m continually impressed. Even the hose manages to split the difference between higher and lower quality, with a nice amount of flexibility without feeling too nice to use for household tasks. I haven’t even mentioned the thoughtful touches like an easy-to-remove filter, integrated onboard accessory storage, fleece dust bag, and robust carrying handle.

All in all, the Karcher WD 5/p absolutely hits the goldilocks mark: efficiently blending an affordable price, household functionality, and all of the features a woodworker looks for in a dust collector into one great package. 

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