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Tool: VRS-200 Vertical Router Sled Shop Now

Manufacturer: Infinity Tools

MSRP: $319

Infinity Tools, out of Florida, has been known to design and manufacture some of the highest quality tools around. Their VRS-200 Vertical Router Sled is no exception. The milled aluminum base and tilting table scream quality as well as versatility. The sled is designed to hold workpieces at angles from 90° down to 45°. The ability to hold workpieces in this orientation unlocks a world of possibilities, not only at the router table, but at the table saw as well (see the photo to the right).

In my mind, a few things really set the Infinity Tools VRS-200 apart from others (especially my shop-made versions). First and foremost, it has a spring-loaded pin on the front of the sled that registers the table at 5 different locations (90°, 45°, 33.3°, 22.5°, and 11.25°). 

Next, the adjustable fences on the table slide in slots—you can easily change the angle of the fences to hold parts for compound cuts at the router table or table saw. The fences are pre-drilled for toggle style clamps, and the kit includes one (you can purchase a second, but I found it unnecessary).

Finally, an included miter bar can be attached to the bottom of the sled. The ability to lock the sled to the table saw is a huge benefit. You can easily cut extremely acute angles on the ends of parts, such as this angle on a triangular flag case. The VRS-200 unlocks a new world of possibility and options at both the router table and table saw.

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