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Diamond stones are the bedrock of my sharpening routine. I use them as my main abrader throughout my sharpening/honing sessions because they preserve their flatness and keep their hard particles sharp longer than other media. But even diamond stones get dull over time.

Most of the stones I own have lost diamond particles, mainly around the edges, while others, like my DMT 2-1/2″ Diamond Mini-Hone, have, for some reason, lost diamonds in the middle of their surface. 

For many years my go-to brand was DMT which, together with another North American company, EZE LAP, trailblazed this effective sharpening media and introduced it into our woodshops. 

But a few years ago, I discovered Atoma, a Japanese brand that produces some of the best diamond stones on the market. Unlike the other makers, Atoma forms their diamond matrix as clusters of diamonds in a distinct geometry that maintains their integrity longer than other brands. Another feature of Atoma is that the substrate of their steel-plated diamond matrix is aluminum – which renders them much lighter than all-steel DMTs. 

Atoma’s diamond stone clusters are embedded in a nickel matrix over a thin steel plate. The steel plate is glued over a grounded aluminum substrate using PSA film. Replacement steel plates are also available to purchase.

Because of all of the above, my recent diamond plate purchases were the Atoma stones. Until now, the only drawback for buying Atoma stones was their price (around $100 for one stone), but in the past few weeks, I noticed that Amazon is selling them for around $55 – which is a great price. I have no idea how long this price reduction will last, but in the meantime, if you need a new diamond stone, I recommend checking out the Atoma brand on Amazon. 

Atoma 140 grit Extra Course Stone

Atoma 400 grit Course Stone

Atoma 600 grit Fine Stone 

Atoma 1200 grit Extra Fine stone

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