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I think my eyes are the most valuable tool in my bodily toolbox, so I’m trying to take care of them the best I can. I am not just talking about the importance of reducing screen time, intermittently gazing at a long distance outside the window, and eating carrots; although eye supplements and the Bates method exercises are undoubtedly important. I am talking about protecting my eyes in the shop environment, especially from potential objects that can fly into them while doing woodworking and metalworking. 

A year ago, WileyX, an eyewear powerhouse, approached me and asked if I wanted to give their safety glasses a chance. I said that I would love to, but I hadn’t been wearing generic protective eyewear since I began relying on prescription glasses obtained via my optometrist. In a follow-up email, their representative informed me their safety glasses could be mounted with safety lenses cut to my prescription and that this is part of their service (for an additional fee). They proposed that I research their online offering and specifically recommended a pair with removable side shields to prevent objects from entering the eyes from the periphery. 

The style I liked the most (WX PROFILE) resembles regular office glasses; black frame and a classic design. I emailed them the prescription (although this could be done directly on their website) and waited for the glasses to arrive.

I received the glasses and have to say that I like them. Their build-up is substantial, and the side shields are an excellent feature. Most importantly, they allow me to work with power tools safely, and confidently use manual tools when the risk of projectiles shooting at my face is imminent; think snipping metal fasteners with nippers, for instance. 

That said, the basic pair of glasses are costly, plus adding prescription lenses increases their price even more. Are there inexpensive alternatives that would not cost you an arm and a leg? Yes, wearing a face shield over regular prescription glasses is such a solution, but if you can afford it, I recommend you give the WX Profile a chance.

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