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This video contains several excerpts from a 1-hour, detailed video about the new features of SketchUp Make 2015 being created by Joe Zeh. That video will be for sale at soon, and will also be available in Joe’s SketchUp online course.

SketchUp Make 2015 Changes

On November 3, 2014 Trimble Navigation LTD released SketchUp Make 2015 and SketchUp Pro 2015. This was an exciting announcement for all SketchUp users, as there was something new for everyone; and rest assured the woodworker was not forgotten. The improvements in SketchUp 2015 are mostly performance related; so let me start with the most important changes.

Polygon Modifier Key Added

A modifier key (Ctrl in Microsoft Windows or Option in Mac OS X) has been added to the Polygon tool. In its native use the Polygon tool inscribes an n-sided polygon in a circle of a specified radius. If the user presses the Ctrl/Option key the polygon will be circumscribed around a circle of a specified radius. This will make modeling certain types of components easier and eliminate the need for conversion calculations.

3 Point Arc

SketchUp has a new arc tool called 3 Point Arc. It is sort of a combination of the Arc, 2 Point Arc and Pie tools. You can specify three points you desire an arc to pass through and then extend or shorten that arc’s termination point by specifying an angle. If you are designing pieces with lots of concentric arcs such as a tall clock’s hood, this tool will prove very useful.

Rotated Rectangle

Prepare to drool. How many times have you needed to draw a rectangle that was not parallel to any of the coordinate planes? Think splayed legs, lampshades, tapered boxes and residential roofs. In the past, this involved the Rectangle tool and at least one application of the Rotate tool, but more likely two to three applications. Now you can do that with one use of the Rotated Rectangle tool. This new tool ranks up there with the Push/Pull tool and other SketchUp defining tools. You will love it!

I can’t sufficiently describe in mere words how useful these new tools will be to the woodworker, but the accompanying video was made to do just that. In this video I will show you how to:

  • Download and install SketchUp Make 2015
  • Set up and customize your toolbars
  • Configure your workspace
  • Use the new tools described above

Enjoy your introduction to SketchUp Make 2015!

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