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Contributing Editor Glen D. Huey made this short video while working on the cover project for the upcoming November 2011 issue of Popular Woodworking Magazine (which should start arriving in subscriber mailboxes the week of Oct. 10). The piece of furniture is called a “Lady’s Desk,” and it’s among the 27 projects in in our upcoming book, “Furniture in the Southern Style,” by Glen and Executive Editor Robert W. Lang. Be sure to check out the book at Woodworking in America 2011, where we will also have a CD of SketchUp models from the book.

Also, if you are planning in taking Robert W. Lang’s workshops for SketchUp at WIA 2011, be sure to pick up his SketchUp for Woodworkers CDs so that you can come prepared to class with questions.


-Ajax Alexandre

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  • holland

    Ha ha – I get it! ” . . . double blind dovetails. Something that you don’t see very often.” What a card!

  • K Anderson

    Thanks a lot for this post. This weekend was my first time cutting half blind dovetails by hand and this really sped up the waste removal.

  • Glen D. Huey

    Jonathan – I did make the cuts prior to routing the waste. I find it much easier to saw before the majority of the dovetail socket is created. Also, I transfered the pin board layout onto my tail board in order to get a matched fit.

  • Jonathan Szczepanski

    Glen –
    Thanks for the video. Did you make cheek cuts on the tails before you used the router?



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