Q & A: Starting Pin

Q & A: Starting Pin

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Q & AQ: My router table came with something called a “starting pin.” What’s it for?

A: A starting pin helps prevents kickback when using a bearing-guided bit. It’s an important safety feature. Using a fence is the best and safest way to rout, but a fence is impractical on curved or irregular-shaped pieces. That’s when you need a starting pin. If your router table doesn’t have a starting pin, it’s a good idea to install one.

When you begin a cut, use the starting pin as a fulcrum. Press the workpiece against the pin, then slowly rotate and slide it into the router bit until the wood touches the bit’s bearing. Feed the workpiece an inch or so against both the starting pin and the bearing. Once you’re confidently engaged with the bearing, you can rotate the workpiece away from the starting pin and ride on the bearing only.

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  • Dawsie

    Hi 🙂
    I just bought my router table and a new router to go with it that way I would have a hand router still. My table did not come with the pin and some times I have been having trouble getting my wood close without getting the kick backs.
    Thank you so much for this information 🙂 I am going to find something with which I can use as a starting pin 🙂 there is a hole in the table top which I can fit it into so at least they had the starter pin point of origin even if they did not have the pin included :-/
    Than you so much for the information 🙂
    K.R. Angela

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