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Oops! Back Leg Boo-Boo

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Back Leg Boo-Boo

My wife asked me to repair a wobbly kitchen chair. All the joints below the seat had failed, so it didn’t take much to knock apart the legs and stretchers. The joints were a bit loose after I removed all the glue, so I planned to wrap a shaving from a hand plane around each tenon during glue-up to tighten the fit.

Wrapping shavings around 16 tenons, applying glue, and assembling and clamping the joints required all my concentration. Fortunately, the job went smoothly, and after the glue was dry, I removed the clamps and triumphantly sat in the chair. But something was wrong, because the seat sloped sideways. I’d been so focused on fitting the joints, I’d installed the legs in the wrong holes—the shorter back legs were now on the side. Argh.

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