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Thanks for all the great comments! Congratulations to “Dave” the winner of this book giveaway. Stay tuned for more exciting book giveaways and if you’re interested in a copy of “SketchUp: A Design Guide for Woodworkers” it is currently available at

Earlier this week our online content director David Lyle raised the question of which modeling software seemed to be most popular with woodworkers. There’s been growing interest in Fusion 360 – David attended a “roadshow” event for the software this week. It seems like SketchUp is still king for the moment, but there always new makers out there with new ideas and ways of designing things. Of course, there are some woodworkers who still swear by good ol’ pencil and paper. In the very least, it’s an interesting conversation – check out David’s post and take the survey.

Personally, I’ve been using SketchUp a bit, as that seems to be what most of the book authors I work with have been using. I’m no expert, but I’ve found it pretty accessible once you spend a little time with it. Having edited Joe Zeh’s book on the topic helped – “SketchUp: A Design Guide for Woodworkers” is a complete course on SketchUp, complete with practice exercises.

I’m offering a copy up for this week’s book giveaway. Simply post a comment below and I’ll choose one winner at random. Good luck!

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  • Rev John

    I have your video, a sure would like the book as well.

  • doubleG469

    I am always wanting to learn and sketchup is next in the line…

  • mzag

    Thank you

  • Ramblerkoch

    This would be a great reference book.

  • rjhanby

    Count me in please

  • lochridge

    I’m in

  • Mike

    I need this

  • fallsomepioneer

    I’m in

  • sirgareth

    I’m trying to decide between Sketchup and Fusion 360. Sketchup’s learning curve might be easier, but I’m not sure how well it will work on my Linux computer. Fusion 360 is browser-based. Does anyone have any experience with both to offer a comparison?

  • B Jackson

    I’m in – could use a refresher …

  • Dave

    I find SketchUp to be rather intimidating. Maybe this book could help get me past that.

  • jim

    Fingers crossed.

  • terrynjon

    I would love to have this book.

  • cams2705

    I would love to have a reference book handy … I always need to go back and look at a few videos after I’ve not used Sketchup for a while.

  • rustycolbert

    Sounds like it is certainly worth the read. My wife and I are trying to decide on some modeling software so we can both use it for our projects.

  • mbbrogan

    Enter me for the book.

  • azound

    thumbs up!

  • Woodsmyth

    I also mis-read and this book is not by David Lyle.. I may be incorrect on everything I wrote.. so go figure

  • Woodsmyth

    I went to David Lyle’s SketchUp workshop at the Pasadena Convention Center. I bought his DVD. I am retired so I have plenty of time on my hands and I still don’t know how to use it. Maybe I need this book to make my brain see how the magic works. I just may need this book more than anyone else in the entire world. Most probable however is that it really doesn’t matter what I think, how I feel or what I write; since the winner will be randomly selected out of all responses. The irony that I’m kissing up to David Lyle and Scott Francis is choosing the winner is not lost on me.

  • trs

    Oh I could use this

  • dgoodwin4

    I’m interested

  • JimF

    I want this book.

  • pmac

    I’ll bite

  • Sean_R


  • Jeremy


  • Tofflerfan

    Count me in 😀

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