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AW Extra 9/26/13 – One Mans Trash

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One Man’s Trash …

I jump at any chance to dig through an old
building—you never know what you’ll find.
Rummaging through an old farmhouse and
barn slated for demolition, I found enough
material to build a stout workbench.

The bench’s base is made from some interior
doors that I salvaged from the house. Th e
top is made from a few hunks of discarded
bowling lanes that I found in the barn. Th e
wood was in good shape but coated with dirt
and oil. I washed and scrubbed enough of
that thick hard maple to make a 2' x 5' top,
then clamped a few pieces together with
four 3/8" threaded rods and added a maple
frame to cover the nuts. A local cabinet shop
sanded the surface for me.

The bench is very heavy, stable and durable.
With a new vise, the total project cost
about $100.

This story originally appeared in American Woodworker June/July 2012, issue #160.


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