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AW Extra 8/22/13 – Tailstock Parking Spot

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Tailstock Parking Spot

When I turn hollow vessels, I have to remove my lathe’s
tailstock to install a support for the hollowing tool.
When I’m done hollowing, I have to re-mount the tailstock
to finish the turning. It’s a pain—literally. My tailstock
is quite heavy; removing it is hard on my back,
and getting it re-aligned on the ways is worse yet.

To solve the problem, I made a “parking spot” for
the tailstock and bolted it to the end of my lathe. This
addition is just for storage—it’s not a bed extender. It’s
aligned with the lathe’s ways, so I can slide the tailstock
into the parking spot instead of lifting it.

I made most of the parking spot from dimensional
lumber and common hardware, and used hard maple
for the ways.

This story originally appeared in American Woodworker April/May 2012, issue #159.


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