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AW Extra 7/4/13 – Drawer Helper

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Drawer Helper

Desperation is the mother of invention—isn’t that
how the old saying should go for woodworkers? I
invented this device when I realized that the drawers
in my new armoire tipped down way too much. Two of these
helpers, one at each corner, now keep each drawer
level when opened. They act as stops, too.

I’d made these drawer sides less than full height,
out of habit. (I also succumbed to an urge to use
scrap wood that was “close enough.”) That approach
is fi ne for drawers that ride on metal slides, but I had
decided not to use slides on this project. Oops.

The 1" dia. ball bearing on top of the helper rides
on the drawer support or shelf above. These parts are
3/4" or so above the bottom edge of the face frame,
so the helper actually sticks up into the cabinet. That’s
how it acts as a stop.

I rounded the bottom edge of each helper and
installed it with a single screw at the pivot point. To
install or remove a drawer, I just tip the helper forward.

This story originally appeared in American Woodworker August/September 2012, issue #155.


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