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AW Extra 7/18/13 – Centering a Hollow Grind

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Centering a Hollow Grind

A felt-tip pen is the best tool I’ve found for adjusting a
grinder’s tool rest.

When you need to find the center of a bevel in
order to duplicate an angle, color the whole bevel
with a Magic Marker or a Sharpie. Adjust the rest to
the approximate angle of the bevel, then start up the
grinder and slowly advance the tool into the wheel.
Pull the tool back and take a look at the bevel.

You’ll be able to tell exactly where the wheel
touched the tool—the ink will be gone from that
area. Color the whole bevel again and adjust the rest
with a tap or two until you get the angle just right.

This story originally appeared in American Woodworker August/September 2012, issue #155.


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