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AW Extra 6/27/13 – The Best Brush: A Paint Pad

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The Best Brush: A Paint Pad

By Tom Caspar

Leave no brush marks! That’s the holy grail for fi nishing
a large, flat surface. If you use a water-based fi nish,
here’s a new twist for achieving that goal: Try a
paint pad.

I use a pad that’s designed for edging around
doors and trim with latex paint. Its surface consists
of hundreds of short synthetic bristles. You can fi nd
pads like this in the paint department of most hardware
stores and home centers, and they’re relatively

With a paint pad, you can cover a lot of ground in
no time at all. That’s the key to avoiding lap marks.
But best of all, a paint pad leaves a very flat, even surface,
as if the finish had been sprayed. This saves a
lot of sanding time between coats and delivers a final
surface that doesn’t need to be rubbed out.

This story originally appeared in American Woodworker August/September 2012, issue #155.


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