3 Ways to Make Raised Panels

panels_Page_1_Image_0001Traditional raised panels appear in almost every furniture style since Roman times, though the way to make them varies wildly.

All the methods, however, fall into two different camps: One method is to use a tool that is specially designed to do the job, such as a panel-raising plane or a panel-raising router cutter. The other method is to use a basic woodworking tool (such as a table saw or a rabbet plane) and a little bit of cleverness to do the job.

In our shop at Popular Woodworking, we use at least three different methods to create raised panels for doors and drawer bottoms. What follows is a step-by-step tutorial in each.

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Megan Fitzpatrick

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Megan is a former editor and content director of Popular Woodworking Magazine. She prefers using hand tools because they rarely make loud noises. Unless they fall off the bench.

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