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AW Extra 4/24/14 – Gimbal Jig

Gimbal Jig How to use a plunge router to scoop out a curved seat. By Alan Turner   OK, how do you make a concave seat? I designed a stool quite a while ago that called for one, but I …

Friday at Brad’s Bench April 18th

The Right Boards  I've been planning out a bowfront wall cabinet with coopered doors for a few months. Originally, I was set on making it of walnut or cherry – two of my favorite [...]

Butterfly Inlay

Butterfly Inlay Make a perfect fit with a shop-made template. By Tom Caspar Don’t you just love it when something that looks extremely difficult turns out to be oh-so easy? Making butterfly inlay [...]

Friday at Brad’s Bench

Making a change to my blog posts. Instead of posting old tips from the American Woodworker archives, I'll be posting a wide variety of stuff, including projects on which I'm working, new [...]

Friday’s Tip for March 28th

Cutting Multiple Parts One day my wife asked me if I would make her 58 shields for awards day at her school. Usually when I cut multiples on my scrollsaw I tape or screw the parts. This time I [...]

AW Extra 3/27/14 – Precision Squares

Precision Squares How to use our favorite setup tools By Richard Tendick Every woodworker falls in love with some favorite tools now and then. I count on my faithful set of precision squares [...]

Thermally Modified Wood

A remarkable drying process gives wood a new character. By Chad Stanton Some day, you’ll be able to build an outdoor project with a new kind of wood, grown right here in America, which [...]

Friday’s Tip for March 21st

Alright, this one's actually from our old Question & Answer department. Clean Up Squeeze Out Q. I saw one of those woodworking wizards on television the other day. As I watched the guy [...]

Friday’s Tip for March 14th

Retractable Chuck Key After losing three chuck keys I attached the fourth to a plain, old retractable key chain. Now I don't have to turn my shop inside out looking for my chuck key because [...]


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