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Build a Bounty of Bookcases

A few weeks ago, I went down to our basement and was greeted by a large sloppy pile of back issues of Martha Stewart Living. A plastic shelf pin had sheared off, pulling the rest of the flimsy [...]

AW Extra 6/26/14 – Tambour Doors

Tambour Doors Disappearing doors hide your clutter and show off your skill. Tambour doors are a bit of woodworking sleight of hand. Now you see them, now you don’t. Fun to open and fun to close, [...]

Dovetailer’s Dream Vise

Dovetailer’s Dream Vise Treat yourself to the secure, even grip that’s essential for precision work. By Brad Holden Cutting dovetails by hand is satisfying and rewarding work, but [...]

Hexagonal Pen

Hexagonal Pen Create geometric shapes with your router and a shopmade jig. By Charles Mak You can make attractive wooden pens without a lathe. All you need is a plunge router and a shop-made jig. [...]

Desktop File Holder

Desktop File Holder   A desktop file holder is a great office accessory. It provides easy and immediate access to the files you’re currently working with so you don’t wear a path between [...]

Tablesaw Extension

Tablesaw Extension Make wide cuts in a small shop. By Roy Smith There’s not enough room in my garage shop for a tablesaw with a 52-in.-capacity rip fence. But no worries—I don’t need one! To make [...]

AW Extra 6/12/14 – Photo Album

Photo Album By Dave Munkittrick   Do you have a pile of photos waiting to be put in an album? We all do. That’s why you can’t go wrong making these distinctive photo albums for [...]

AW Extra 6/5/14 – Air Scrubber Trio

Air Scrubber Trio Three shop-made machines that clear the air. By Ed Krause   Dust haze.Even if you have a dust collection system you’ve probably found yourself in the middle of it. [...]

Tims Rolling Pins

Tim’s Rolling Pins Even an ordinary kitchen tool can be beautiful. By Tim Heil   If you're looking for an easy-to-make gift for someone who loves to cook, here it is: a custom-made [...]


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