How to Install a Cabinet Door

If you’ve ever installed a cabinet door using traditional butt hinges, you know what a pain in the butt they are to work with. That’s why Euro-style hinges have become so popular in the [...]

How to Make a Cabinet Door

When you learn how to make cabinet doors, you will have mastered one of the basic skills in woodworking. Doors come in many variations—some have molded edges, arched tops or raised solid-wood [...]

How to Install a Cabinet Drawer

Once you’ve taken the time to build dovetailed drawers for your kitchen cabinets, it’s a crime to cover them up with side-mount drawer slides. Undermount slides show the beauty of [...]

How to Make a Cabinet Drawer Box

As a woodworker, what’s the first thing you notice when you open a cabinet’s drawer? The way it’s put together, of course. A drawer made with half-blind dovetails really stands [...]

Kitchen Cabinet Essentials

Ask ten woodworkers how to build kitchen cabinets and you’ll get eleven answers. So where do you start? At the New England School of Architectural Woodworking (NESAW), we’ve consolidated industry [...]

Serpentine Chest

Expand your casework repertoire with a curvaceous front. One of the most interesting aspects of a serpentine chest, with its front concave at the ends and convex in the center, is how the wood [...]

Simple All-Purpose Shop Cabinets

Simple All-Purpose Shop Cabinets Organize your shop in a weekend, for less than $20 per cabinet! By Jean Bartholome Walk into a typical small cabinet shop, and you’re likely to find simple, [...]

Home Theater

Home Theater Modular construction and a knockdown TV cabinet allow this home theater to be built even in a small shop. By Dave Munkittrick At first glance, a project of this scale may seem [...]

Walnut Entertainment Center

Walnut Entertainment Center A 19th-century wardrobe fills a 21st-century need   An antique wardrobe from a 19th-century German settlement in Iowa was the inspiration for this piece. Its most [...]

Craftsman-Style Display Cabinet

Craftsman-Style Display Cabinet Lots of glass and built-in lights By Randy Johnson Some cabinets are all about displaying the beauty of wood. This cabinet, with its built-in lighting, glass [...]

Tombstone Doors

Tombstone Doors By Lonnie Bird Through many years studying and building 18th-century furniture, I’ve learned that this era produced countless fine examples of good design. One example is the [...]


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