Wedged Mortise and Tenon

Wedged Mortise and Tenon This joint will never loosen! By Tom Caspar   Tap, tap, tap. The wedges go home, the glue squeezes out and a big smile lights up your face. “This joint [...]

Custom-Made Crown Molding

Custom-Made Crown Molding By John English Here’s how to make the crown molding for the pantry. It’s all done on the tablesaw. The biggest challenge is figuring out which cut to make when. 1. Make [...]

Spalted Wood

Spalted Wood By Alan Lacer When wood is captured somewhere between the extremes of being completely sound and fully rotten, it can display magnificent beauty. The discoloration, prominent black [...]

Install a Double-Screw Face Vise

Install a Double-Screw Face Vise Two screws clamp better than one. By Steven Bunn A vise with two screws clamps chair seats and other large workpieces more effectively than a standard vise. Such [...]

Traditional Woven Chair Seats

Weave Traditional Chair Seats Traditional techniques and modern materials produce attractive, durable results. by Tim Johnson Visit any antique or second-hand furniture store and you’ll [...]


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