Choosing Combination Squares

Select a reliable tool with these simple tests. I can’t think of one project I’ve made that hasn’t involved using one or more of my combination squares. I use these to lay out joints and cuts, [...]

Pattern-Cut Finials

Pattern-Cut Finials The traditional way to make a square finial on a bandsaw is to mark and cut the pattern on one side of the blank, then tape the offcut back on to the blank in order to guide [...]

‘Melencolia’ Try Square

This nearly lost layout tool is surprisingly accurate and useful. A surprising number of woodworking tools and furniture forms have been lost to time. Some for the better (the motorized coping [...]

Combination Squares

Choosing and using this must-have measuring and layout tool. In 1878, Laroy S. Starrett designed and patented the combination square. His invention was a multi-purpose layout and measuring tool [...]

André Roubo’s Try Square

One of the first tools I bought was a 9″ steel try square with a brass and rosewood stock. Like a supermodel, it’s nice to look at, but not so fun to deal with day-to-day. Its blade is too [...]

A cradle for a Combination Square

An accurate combination square is the cornerstone of every layout work. It allows us to measure and mark joinery, and check for flatness and squareness of workpieces, setups and tools. I have a [...]

Q & A: Which Square Should I Buy?

it’s very useful to have one very precise square in your shop. You can rely on this square for machinery setup, such as setting your jointer fence and your tablesaw blade square to the table.

Empire Level Try Square

Empire Level Try Square Empire Level Manufacturing Corporation announces the introduction of its model 122 Etched Stainless Try Square, extending the company’s range of high-visibility [...]

An Accurate Affordable Square

The other night I was polishing the back of my favorite chisel I never use. I pondered my reflection in the shimmering metal, and wondered if I could get it shiny enough to enable time travel. I [...]

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