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AW Extra 12/19/12 – Tubular Storage

Tubular Storage Here’s my solution for storing skinny things like wood trim and edge banding. I bought a 12-in.-dia. by 8-ft.-long cardboard concrete form at a home center for about $14. I [...]

AW Extra 12/12/13 – Suspended Outlet

Suspended Outlet This is one of my favorite shop upgrades.By adding this suspended outlet over my work area I always have electricity close at hand. It sure beats running an extension cord across [...]

Q & A: Why Does My Wood Have Stripes?

Why Does My Wood Have Stripes?   Q: I put a clear finish on a beautiful ash table I made and found faint stripes an inch or two wide going across each board. Any ideas on what caused them [...]

Q & A: Why Predrill Screw Holes?

Why Predrill Screw Holes?   Q: I think predrilling screw holes is a real drag, so I rarely do it. Most screws seem to work fine without all that bother. Why are you always advocating [...]

Q & A: Prescription Safety Glasses

Prescription Safety Glasses   Q: I hate fumbling with goggles over my prescription glasses, so I’ve given up. Don’t regular glasses protect my eyes well enough in the workshop? [...]


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