What’s The Difference Between Screws?

Everything you always wanted to know about screws, but were afraid to ask. Many of the tools and fasteners we use in woodworking have been around for thousands of years. The concept of the screw [...]

Q & A: Are Broken Screws Removable?

Q: Argh! I broke off a brass screw while installing a small hinge. Can I get it out? A: Join the club! Every woodworker has faced this problem. The best answer is to drill around the screw with a [...]

Screws are Screws – Aren’t They?

Just as with building any woodworking project, eliminate one step from the manufacturing process and the results can be fatal. It usually happens as you hang a door or install a shelf. You’ve got [...]

How to Drive Brass Screws with Care

There is some good advice out there on how to drive brass screws when installing furniture hardware. To recap: 1. Use the right-size pilot holes. The bit should be the diameter of the un-threaded [...]


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