Fighting Rust with Brass and Bronze

The summer is here in earnest, and with it came the rising humidity. Humidity and ferrous-based metals such as carbon steel and cast iron don’t get along that well, and the result of the [...]

Q & A: Rust and Mold on Waterstones

Q: My set of Norton waterstones has recently developed two problems. First, a brownish stain appears when I sharpen my chisels and plane irons. Could this be rust? My second problem is mold, [...]

An Embarrassing Rust Problem

I believe I’ve mentioned previously my problems with parsimony. Now, my penny-pinching ways have led to an embarrassing predicament. (And that’s quite enough alliteration for one [...]

Scrape Your Saw Clean

I have always been fastidious about keeping rust off my tools. I have to be. My shop is partially underground and we live in a humid river city. Blink, and your tools will turn to iron oxide. The [...]

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