Get Started in Hand Tool Woodworking

Every week I get asked where to begin when trying to become a hand-tool woodworker. The snarky answer is, “I have no idea because I did it the wrong way.” There are as many different paths to [...]

Video: Roubo’s Folding Bookstand

If you are having trouble with the Roubo’s Folding Bookstand article from the February 2011 issue of Popular Woodworking Magazine, I urge you to attempt to lay out the joints on some wood [...]

'Elementary Turning' Briefly Delayed

If you ordered the book “Elementary Turning” from, it will be slightly delayed. While we thought the book would be on its way to you today, it’s going to be [...]

Why Do This Crap By Hand?

QUESTION: Although I am not in the woodworking trades, my son is. And last year I offered to pay his tuition at Peter Follansbee’s workshop in North Carolina on riven-oak wood boxes. I [...]

Eggbeater Drills: Beaters and Beyond

Reader Aaron Cashion writes: “Watched your DVD about drawboring today after reading your ‘Workbenches’ book. Really enjoyed both. I had never heard of drawboring, and this will [...]

A Leg Vise Mystery

Woodworker L�©vis Th�©riault of Fredericton, NB, sent these interesting photos of a leg vise he purchased in an antique shop. The real head-scratcher here is the round post at the bottom of [...]

What is Not a Tool Mark?

Question: I often see dovetail layout lines left showing on the exterior of pieces. As I’m in final cleanup up of a blanket chest (yes, the Union Village chest from your article) the layout [...]

Those People Had Knives

Milford Brown writes: Since you are interested in the older hand-powered woodworking, I wonder what, if anything, you know about the history of marking knife use? I recently had occasion to [...]

The Best Uncle in the World?

Reader James Carpenter is trying to put together a list of tools to purchase as a gift for his 6-year-old nephew. Man I wish I’d had an uncle like him. The best present I got from an uncle [...]

Get a Flat Frog Sandwich

Reader Tim Williams writes: I have a number of old Stanley planes that I’ve spent a lot of hours cleaning and refurbishing. I’ve read multiple places about how when tuning up a plane, [...]

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