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AW Extra 6/26/14 – Tambour Doors

Tambour Doors Disappearing doors hide your clutter and show off your skill. Tambour doors are a bit of woodworking sleight of hand. Now you see them, now you don’t. Fun to open and fun to close, [...]

Hexagonal Pen

Hexagonal Pen Create geometric shapes with your router and a shopmade jig. By Charles Mak You can make attractive wooden pens without a lathe. All you need is a plunge router and a shop-made jig. [...]

Desktop File Holder

Desktop File Holder   A desktop file holder is a great office accessory. It provides easy and immediate access to the files you’re currently working with so you don’t wear a path between [...]

Tablesaw Extension

Tablesaw Extension Make wide cuts in a small shop. By Roy Smith There’s not enough room in my garage shop for a tablesaw with a 52-in.-capacity rip fence. But no worries—I don’t need one! To make [...]

AW Extra 6/12/14 – Photo Album

Photo Album By Dave Munkittrick   Do you have a pile of photos waiting to be put in an album? We all do. That’s why you can’t go wrong making these distinctive photo albums for [...]

AW Extra 5/29/14 – Folding Worktable

Folding Worktable This simple, roll-around worktable fits in tight spaces yet expands to a huge work surface. By David Radtke   Here’s a work space that’s huge and accessible from all sides, [...]

AW Extra 5/22/14 – Two-Part Bookcase

Two-Part Bookcase Here’s a big bookcase that you can build in a small shop. By Tom Caspar Building a tall bookcase can stretch the limits of a small shop.We all know that big boards can be [...]

Sink Cabinet Shelf

Sink Cabinet Shelf It’s easy to customize this catchall shelf to fit your cabinet doors. Measure the opening of your cabinet (not the door!) and plug your numbers into the Cutting List [...]

Laminated Pedestal Table

Laminated Pedestal Table Curved legs make this table strong, practical and attractive. By Fred Matlack After knocking my knee on the leg of our kitchen table and spilling the gravy for the [...]

AW Extra 5/8/14 – Diamond Inlay Table

Diamond Inlay Table Create striking patterns with a router. By Peter Schmitt   This hall table posed a challenge, because it was built for a fundraiser. I wanted it to stand out, but I also [...]


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