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MWA interviews Pop Wood Editor

Last night I had a great time hanging out with the crew from the Modern Woodworker’s Association. We touched on everything from the direction of the magazine to the upcoming Woodworking in [...]

Should Furniture Be Judged?

Recently I had the privilege of serving as one of the judges for an upcoming furniture exhibition of the Cumberland Furniture Guild, a group of mostly Tennessee furniture makers (full disclosure: [...]

Waiting on Ductwork…

We have all our stuff in the new space and we’re starting to unpack the many bins, boxes and moving racks, but until the ductwork for the  dust collection system has been installed, we [...]

Gift Subscription

The perfect gift for the woodworker in your life – a year of Popular Woodworking Magazine! A terrific value for you...and a great gift for your friend!

February 2012 Preview

This weekend, in addition to eating far too many leftovers, I curled up on my couch with my cats and the February 2012 Popular Woodworking Magazine binder – and despite my prodigious intake of [...]

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