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Five Common Finishing Problems

Bleeding, blushing, blotching, orange peel and fish eye. The basics of wood finishing are really quite simple: You use one of three tools – a rag, brush or spray gun – to transfer a liquid stain [...]

Dovetail Starter Notches

Christopher Schwarz once demonstrated a time-honored trick for hand-cutting tenon shoulders. After laying out the joint, he chiseled directly downward onto the shoulder cutline, then made a [...]

Online Extras: October 2009 Issue

Online Extras for the October 2009 issue a PDF file of Marc Adam's tips for gluing, a SketchUp model of the Windsor Shop Stool, a 3D model of the Inlaid Bible Box project in SketchUp format, and [...]

Out of the Woodwork: IWF 2059

Fifty years in the future, MDF will be a luxury ‘wood.’ By Pete Knapp Page: 72 From the October 2009 issue #178 Buy this issue now As if all the new tools and technology shown at this year’s [...]

Tool Test: Stanley’s New Premium Plane

The venerable tool company stages a comeback in the woodworking market. By Christopher Schwarz Page: 28 From the October 2009 issue #178 Buy this issue now It has been a long time since The [...]

Out on a Limb: Don’t Do the Math

By Christopher Schwarz Page: 10 From the October 2009 issue #178 Buy this issue now Nearly every woodworking book tells you the wrong way to purchase wood. There’s a formula where you multiply [...]

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