Testing the Maslow CNC

The Maslow CNC is a CNC kit that costs just $350. For that price, you should expect a few compromises. For one thing, you have to put it together. Of course you’ll get the key mechanical, [...]

The $500 Maslow CNC Beta Report

The Maslow is not a conventional CNC. It’s kit based, and costs less than $500. $350 if you’ve got a couple of 2” x 4”s and some plywood to throw in. If you’re new to the [...]

Checking Out the Maslow CNC

A few weeks ago I made a post about the new Maslow CNC. In case you missed it, the two things that make it remarkable are the design (vertical and compact) and the price of just $500. It comes in [...]

The $500 Maslow CNC

  The Maslow $500 CNC kit No doubt about it, the Maslow CNC is unique. Let’s start with the detail that got your attention. Yes, the price of the Maslow really is $500. Actually, it could be [...]


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