The Right Way to Prepare Lumber

To true your wood with machines, the steps you follow are critical. This time-tested procedure is the best way we know of. I get to meet many woodworkers around the country at woodworking [...]

Logs to Lumber

In a search for wide boards, it pays to buy whole logs. Visitors to my shop often ask where I buy the wide, matched cherry and walnut boards I use for reproducing classic American furniture. [...]

Lumberyard Prep

Arm yourself with a good plan (or two) and your buying trip will be a success. I have a 10″-wide piece of 8/4 purpleheart sitting on my lumber rack. I bought it eight years ago when I [...]

On Wide Wood and Where to Get it

Sometimes I wonder what I would do if I lived in a place where I didn’t have easy access to clear, wide wood. Then I realize the answer: I would move. Today I picked up about 300 board feet of …

Buying Hardwood Lumber – Two Approaches

Among the most often-asked questions we get are about buying lumber for a project. Although it seems to be a very basic question, and knowledgeable folks like us should have a quick answer, it [...]

Frank Miller Lumber – Road Trip

This entry should be titled, “They pay me to do this!” or “You Gotta Love this Job.”I’ve visited a number of lumber mills in my days of furniture building , small [...]


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