John Wilson’s ‘$5 Router Plane’

This article, by John Wilson (of The Home Shop, which offers Shaker boxes and supplies for making them) first appeared in the August 2005 issue of Popular Woodworking Magazine. While we’re [...]

Make Your Own Hand tools

I’ve turned hollow mortise chisels into square punches, refashioned chisels and their handles, made a number of scratch stocks, ground steel bar stock into embossing punches and a made a [...]

John Wilson’s Adjustable-pitch Plane

If you had only one bench plane, it would be nice if that plane could do both roughing and smoothing chores. Woodworker John Wilson tackled that problem in our April 2011 issue with his [...]

$5 Router Plane

If you can’t afford a vintage or new one, build your own using a block of wood, an Allen wrench and a thumbscrew. By John Wilson Pages: 72-75 From the August 2005 issue #149 Buy this issue [...]

Solar Drying Kiln

A cost-effective and efficient way to take green boards to usable lumber. By John Wilson Pages: 74-79 From the December 2006 issue #159 Buy this issue now The solar drying kiln is the most [...]

Shaker Nesting Trays

While not traditional, this form echoes the look of iconic Shaker box tops. By John Wilson Pages: 66-71 From the December 2008 Issue #173 Buy this issue now I have never seen an oval tray at a [...]

Silver Brazing Your Own Band Saw Blades

Save money and get better results by making your own blades. By John Wilson Pages: 62-65 From the June 2008 issue #169 Buy this issue now I was on the road teaching a woodworking course recently [...]

Shaker Swing-handle Carrier

Oval boxes with handles were traditionally used as sewing baskets. By John Wilson Pages: 48-53 From the November 2009 issue #179 Buy this issue now The craftsmen of the Shaker community were [...]


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