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Test to Find a Durable Finish

A few sample boards can save you from future finishing headaches. Finish manufacturers targeting the furniture industry and large professional finish shops provide a lot of information about [...]

Routing Small Pieces

Whenever creating small pieces that include a routed detail of some sort, it’s best to do the routing on the larger “parent” board, and then separate the small piece from the larger. However, [...]

How to Turn a Live Edge Bowl

Get clean cuts and a nice finish from a challenging piece of material. A live edge (or natural-edge) bowl is one of the iconic forms of modern woodturning, and it is still a great way to show off [...]

Pens for Peacekeepers

The gift of a handwritten letter shows appreciation for Canadian forces. Editor’s note: this article originally appeared in the February 2007 issue of Popular Woodworking. About two years [...]

Tool Test: Infinity Router-Bit Set

By Glen D. Huey Page: 28 From the February 2007 issue #160 Buy this issue now How do you accurately test a seven-piece professional set of Infinity router bits? Let’s face it, you could spend [...]

Tool Test: Veritas Scraper Shave

By Christopher Schwarz Page: 28 From the February 2007 issue #160 Buy this issue now One of the things I love about chairmaking is also one of the things I hate about chairmaking: You have to [...]

Tool Test: Gramercy Rasps

By Robert W. Lang Page: 28 From the February 2007 issue #160 Buy this issue now A good rasp is a simple tool that performs a multitude of tasks: tweaking the fit of a mortise and tenon, rounding [...]

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