Essential Table Saw Blades

Choose complementary blades for perfect results. In the dark ages of woodworking, before carbide, you never used the same blade for ripping and crosscutting. Cutting plywood required yet another [...]

Make Quartersawn Picture Frame Stock

Make Quartersawn Picture Frame Stock If you’ve got some spare 8/4 (2-in.) lumber lying around your shop, it’s easy to transform it into stunning quartersawn wood for your picture [...]

Install a Double-Screw Face Vise

Install a Double-Screw Face Vise Two screws clamp better than one. By Steven Bunn A vise with two screws clamps chair seats and other large workpieces more effectively than a standard vise. Such [...]

Scrap Wood Cutting Boards

Scrap Wood Cutting Boards Turn trash into treasure. By Yoav Liberman I love hard cheeses and hard-crust breads. My cheese-making skills are limited and my baking talent is admired only in our [...]

AW Extra – Shaker Sewing Cabinet

Shaker Sewing Cabinet Machine-cut dovetails add a new twist. Tom Caspar You can find a place for every conceivable sewing notion in this Shaker-inspired chest of drawers. Mix 'n' match [...]

Shaker Table

Shaker Table A perfect blend of classic lines and modern joinery. By Tom Caspar When I first saw a drawing of this table 20 years ago in a book by Thomas Moser, I knew I had to make it (see …

AW Extra – Shaker Blanket Chest

Shaker Blanket Chest Having a top-notch dovetail jig really pays off. By Bruce Kieffer I've always wanted to build a dovetailed blanket chest, but never got around to it. I couldn't see [...]

Shaker Trestle Table (AW)

Shaker Trestle Table Graceful bent-laminated feet are super-strong. By Chris Cander This modern interpretation of a Shaker communal table appeals to furniture maker Mark Love’s customers [...]

AW Extra – Cherry Pie Safe

Cherry Pie Safe This versatile classic goes together fast with biscuits. By Dave Munkittrick and Bruce Kieffer Pie safes like this one were once commonplace. The pierced-tin panels kept insects [...]

AW Extra – Aged Cherry Finish

Aged Cherry Finish Wipe on years of age in a few easy steps. By Tim Johnson If you want to make a woodworker gnash his teeth, ask him to make new cherry look like cherry that has aged naturally [...]

Figured Cherry

Figured Cherry Spectacular wood and where to get it. By Dave Munkittrick Nature truly is the greatest artist and figured cherry is living proof. If you’ve ever admired the fluid motion of a [...]


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