Meet Don Weber: Renaissance Man

Don Weber has been a friend to Popular Woodworking for a long time. His knowledge of traditional woodworking (and blacksmithing, as the photo above supports – props to photographer Al Parrish!) [...]

Entirely by Hand

Chairmaker Don Weber offers a sample of how simple projects can spring from the forest and the sweat of your brow. By Don Weber Pages: 68-73 From the April 2004 issue #140 Buy this issue now Afew [...]

The Magic of Iron & Fire

A chairmaker explains his fascination with the ancient art of blacksmithing and being able to make his own woodworking tools. By Don Weber Pages: 72-75 From the October 2005 issue #150 Buy this [...]

The Barnsley Hay Rake Table

Inspired by the agricultural tools of rural England, this massive oak table is awash in hand-worked details. By Don Weber Pages: 60-65 From the February 2009 issue #174


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