Sharpeners’ Anonymous

A 12-step program for regrowing forearm hair. I head through the main doors, down the stairs to the basement, arriving at the third door on the right. Like everyone else, I grab a cup of coffee [...]

A Dovetail Reference Joint

Like many woodworkers, I own a basic half-blind dovetail jig, which I use only occasionally for making utility drawers. During the interim, I tend to forget the setup procedures and spacing [...]

Safe Straightedge Storage

When I bought my expensive 24″ machinist’s straightedge, I wasn’t sure where to store it. It didn’t include a hole for hanging, and I was reluctant to drill into the hard steel for fear of [...]

How to Brush a Finish

Putting some sense back into a simple task. For most people, the first experience brushing comes with oil or latex paint, or with alkyd or polyurethane varnish. Each of these coatings is [...]

Free-form Sculpting

With a couple simple techniques you’ll augment your design skills and flexibility. What woodworker hasn’t dreamed of wielding sharp gouges and chisels, effortlessly transforming a giant, lifeless [...]

Online Extras: December 2008 Issue

Online Extras for the December 2008 issue include a PDF of the clock face pattern for the Stickley Mantel Clock, an article about the Stickley Mantel Clock's fumed finish, a SketchUp model of the [...]

Best New Tools: 2008

By the Popular Woodworking Editorial Staff Pages: 55-59 From the December 2008 Issue #173 Buy this issue now Before I started working at this magazine, I saw tools as things that came in boxes. [...]

12″ Sliding Compound Miter Saws

Testing the ultimate crosscut saws. By Robert W. Lang Pages: 42-47 From the December 2008 Issue #173 Buy this issue now Thirty years ago, there weren’t many options for making wide crosscuts. The [...]

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