Zero-Clearance Inserts

Zero-clearance throat inserts are a simple upgrade you can make to your table saw. Make your saw safer and achieve better cutting results with less hassle.

Tablesaw Extension

Tablesaw Extension Make wide cuts in a small shop. By Roy Smith There’s not enough room in my garage shop for a tablesaw with a 52-in.-capacity rip fence. But no worries—I don’t need one! To make [...]

High Style, Low-Cost TV Cabinet

High-Style, Low-Cost TV Cabinet Simple joinery makes it fast – plywood makes it inexpensive. By Gary Wentz The striking style of this cabinet was inspired by visits to upscale furniture [...]

Steam Bent Music Stand

Steam Bent Music Stand “Learning to bend wood with steam takes practice, just like playing an instrument.”  By Seth Keller Bending wood with steam always intrigued me, but I [...]

Trophy Coffee Table

Trophy Coffee Table Stunning Beauty Right from the Tree By Dave Munkittrick Big planks of wood with natural bark edges make my heart race. Most woodworkers share a desire to build something from [...]

Tom’s Torsion Box Workbench

Tom’s Torsion Box Workbench This rock-solid workhorse is simply four easy-to-build 2×4-and-plywood boxes. By Tom Caspar Quick, cheap, solid. You can’t ask much more from a workbench, [...]

Hammer Your Own Copper Hardware

Hammer Your Own Copper Hardware By David Olson Purchase the complete version of this woodworking technique story from   Hardware doesn’t have to come from a catalog. [...]

Lighted Quilt Hanger

Lighted Quilt Hanger By Randy Johnson Decorative quilts make great wall displays, and this quilt valance gives you an easy way to show off a quilt—with light, no less. The top of the [...]

$100 Router Table

$100 Router Table As easy to use as it is to build. By Bill Hylton Sometimes, less really is more. Take router tables for instance. It's not at all difficult to ring up a big tab for a [...]

Modular Desk System

Modular Desk System Mix-and-match components make a desk that fits your needs. By Bruce Kieffer Download this Modular Desk System Project with complete plans and step-by-step instructions from [...]

Simple Steam Box

Simple Steam Box Build a box and add a steam kettle: you’re ready to bend wood. By Seth Keller Building a steam box for bending wood only requires exterior-grade plywood, waterproof glue [...]


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