Mid-century Modern Bookcase

Simple joinery serves this sophisticated geometric design. Mid-century modern design is enjoying a surge in popularity, and rightly so: Its clean lines and functional design make it practical and [...]

Stickley Book Rack

Expose your joinery skills with this Arts & Crafts classic. In the early 1900s, furniture maker Gustav Stickley began producing a unique style of furniture that he called “Craftsman.” At the [...]

Monticello’s Stacking Bookcases

I like to think of Thomas Jefferson’s personal library as America’s first “bookmobile.” When the British burned down the nation’s capitol in 1814, the inferno took with it many of the books owned [...]

Build Stronger, Sag-Proof Shelves

Stronger Shelves Designing sag-proof shelves. By Tom Caspar Have you ever heard a shelf groan? Well, maybe not, but some shelves look like they would if they could. So much stuff gets piled on [...]

AW Extra 5/22/14 – Two-Part Bookcase

Two-Part Bookcase Here’s a big bookcase that you can build in a small shop. By Tom Caspar Building a tall bookcase can stretch the limits of a small shop.We all know that big boards can be [...]

Bow-Front Bookcase

Bow-Front Bookcase Sleek, gentle curves make it easy to look at. "Sandwich" construction and simple joinery make it easy to build. By Randy Johnson This bookcase combines [...]

Mission Bookstand

Mission Bookstand Display your scrapbooks, photo albums and woodworking skills. By Tom Caspar Woodworkers like to see how things work, right out in the open. We love looking at gears, levers and [...]

Cottage Bookcase

Cottage Bookcase Reclaimed Douglas fir gives rustic charm. By David Radtke Every board of this bookcase is full of character—nail holes, gouges and even hammer marks. That’s because [...]

Hefty Bookends

Hefty Bookends Resaw your own veneer to hide the steel shot inside. Got a small chunk of figured wood that you’d like to show off? Resaw it into thick veneers and make a pair of matching [...]

The Purrfect Bookshelves

Those of you who’ve been reading our Editors’ Blog for more than a week or so know that I like cats (3.75 of ’em in my house). And books (thousands). So, when a Facebook friend [...]

AW Extra – Grand Walnut Bookcase

Grand Walnut Bookcase Rich Walnut, elegant details and secret storage in a design that’s fast and straight forward to build by Randy Johnson Sometimes a new piece of furniture conjures up [...]

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