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Oxalic Acid: A Very Useful Bleach

We may receive commission when you use our affiliate links. However, this does not impact our recommendations. One of the most useful products in wood finishing that doesn’t get a lot of [...]

Watco Danish Oil Problem: A Strange One

A woodworker friend emailed me with a problem. He had turned a face-grained bowl from what he described as “grainy” walnut. To finish it he was using Watco Danish Oil, and his problem was that [...]

Dents and Gouges: How to Deal with Them

If you’ve done much woodworking, it’s very likely that you have experienced some dents and gouges. Both are flaws in the wood. But they are not the same thing, so they should be treated [...]

This is just too good not to share it.

Danzer is a large veneer manufacturer located in the US and Europe. One of their veneer factories is located in the Czech Republic. Someone realized that the sounds made by the slicing and [...]


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