Tongue and Groove Joinery

There are many ways to cut this popular edge-to-edge joint. by Bill Hylton from the April 2005 issue A tongue-and-groove joint is an edge joint with a mechanical interlock. The edge of one board [...]

Power-tool Joinery: Template Mortising

Your plunge router and a simple guide enable you to cut a mortise anywhere. By Bill Hylton Pages: 99-101 From the October 2005 issue #150 Buy this issue now Template mortising is an excellent [...]

Power-tool Joinery: Cope-and-Stick Joints

Run the moulding and make the joint with this time-tested technique. By Bill Hylton Pages: 30-33 From the August 2005 issue #149 Buy this issue now The so-called cope-and-stick joint – a.k.a. the [...]


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