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Contemporary Cabriole Legs

A new approach to a traditional design element.

by Jeff Miller pages 26-32

Early on in my career, I built a number of tables with different types of cabriole legs. These [...]

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Perfect Shoulders

An 18th-century chairmaker’s saw makes 21st-century work easier. by Jeff Miller pages 34-37 The graveyard of obscure and forgotten tools is large, densely packed and many layers [...]

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Body Mechanics

Get better woodworking results with these 12 tips. By Jeff Miller Pages 44-47 I’ve been teaching now for more than 15 years. And in that time I’ve thought a lot about why students [...]

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Complementary Curves

Most of the challenge in making this graceful table is in the prep. By Jeff Miller Pages: 32-39 From the December 2011 issue # 194

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988 Chair

Exploring the tension between comfort and seeming discomfort. By Jeff Miller Pages: 38-39 From the February 2010 issue #181 Buy …

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