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Micro Marco

Marco Terenzi is a toolmaker and furniture maker with a talent for incredibly tiny work. by Christopher Schwarz pages 43-47 Toolmaker Marco Terenzi has a dream shop that sounds a little bit like [...]

Great Woodshops: Tossing Out Tradition

Konrad Sauer improves a 150-year-old handplane design. by Christopher Schwarz pages 50-54 From the April 2012 Issue, #196 Let’s say you were good at building Chippendale highboys. Really good. [...]

Great Woodshops: Carving for CEO

Visit the 3 shops of David Monhollen, who shed a successful career in sales to carve wildlife for executives. By Kara Gebhart Pages: 34-36 From the February 2004 issue #139 Buy this issue now [...]

Great Woodshops: A Writer’s Workshop

A funky Victorian-era workspace serves as a shop for Popular Woodworking’s editor. By Kara Gebhart Uhl Pages: 74-76 From the June 2005 issue #148 Buy this issue now In the basement of Steve [...]

Great Woodshops: Modernica

21st-century beauty from Baltic birch and bent lamination. by John Hutchinson Pages: 76-82 From the November 2006 issue #158 Buy this issue now As I looked at the “Modern” furniture coming to [...]

Great Woodshops: Craftsmanship Done Safely

Kelly Mehler’s school refuses to sacrifice proper guarding when teaching proper woodworking. By Megan Fitzpatrick Pages: 84-87 From the June 2006 issue #155 Buy this issue now Woodworking teacher [...]

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