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Hardware Hideaway

Store handles, hinges and fasteners in this handsome dust-free organizer.

by Glen D. Huey pages 33-37

While exploring in an antique store, I found a small, two-level lidded [...]

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Connecticut Lowboy

While simple to build, the details present a worthy challenge. by Glen D. Huey pages 26-33 While teaching a class at the Connecticut Valley School of Woodworking, I was asked to [...]

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Southern Gent’s Mirror Stand

Discovered in a museum basement, this Piedmont design makes heads turn. By Glen D. Huey Pages 51-55 My first trip to the Museum of Early Southern Decorative Arts was for business. [...]

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Hannah’s Inlaid Chest

Router and hand tools combine for line and berry inlay on this 18th-century piece. By Glen D. Huey Pages 20-25 In 1746, at the age of four, Hannah Pyle stored her prized [...]

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Southern Cellarette

Combine simple construction and sophisticated proportions. By Glen D. Huey Pages 22-29 In 1760, Dutch gin bottles made their way to the Colonies. Soon thereafter, the first known [...]

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