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Design by Touch

While design is dominated by the eye, the hand plays an important role. by George Walker page 18 Most of what I’ve written about design has focused on how we look at it. Yet good design often has [...]

Design Matters: Local Hidden Treasure

You might drive by one every day, tucked away from the main road. by George Walker pages 18-20 I drove right by it for years, never suspecting there was a time capsule of American furniture right [...]

Seth Gould: Explorer in Metal

Meet this expert metalworker, toolmaker and locksmith. by George Walker pages 22-24 Nothing could be simpler than a hammer. That is until you hold one of Seth Gould’s cross-peen hammers and [...]

Artisan Geometry

The universal and timeless structure of our imaginations. by George Walker pages 18-20 Woodworking spans the globe and is a common thread linking humans across the ages. This craft shares a basic [...]

Fine-Tuning Furniture Designs

Minor adjustments typically beat a hatchet job.  by George Walker pages 18-20 I knew a guy who didn’t shave or cut his hair for 12 months at a time. On day 365 he looked like the wild man from [...]

See Like a Designer

Look for the ‘bones’ to observe how form defines design. by George Walker pages 16-18 It happens during almost every furniture design workshop. At the start of day two, a carload of students [...]

Mastery Through Repetition

Practice is the best of all instructors. by George R. Walker pgs. 18-20 Maynard lived next door. When he wasn’t spinning wrenches at the local Ford garage, he was out in his driveway, hunched [...]

Design Matters: Graduated Drawers

Ancient architecture provides a starting point for tall chest design. by George R. Walker pages 16-18 Far back in our past, one of our early ancestors cobbled together a box with a lid and [...]

Design Matters: Look Beneath the Surface

Learn the hidden order that speaks a common craft language. by George R. Walker pages 18-20 Jim Sannerud is a gifted artisan who turns wooden bowls that are inspired by the rich tradition of [...]

Design Matters: The Star Chamfer

This simple transition of surfaces helps place emphasis where you want it.  by George R. Walker page 18 Just a week into my machinist apprenticeship I felt, for the first time, the wrath of Big [...]

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