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Faux Urushi

Poison sumac for a perfect finish? A quick epoxy fake-out spares the itch. by Donald C. Williams pgs. 42-49 Within …

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Binding Clamps

Make your own light-duty one-handed workholding wonders. by Donald C. Williams pgs. 48-49 Like most workshops, mine is well-populated with …

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Wired for Beauty

A rotary tool, hammer and a few shop-made tools are all it takes. by Don Williams pages 32-36 I recently …

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The Butterfly Horse

This flexible work support is a new solution to the age-old sawhorse problem. by Don Williams pages 47-50 Whether I’m …

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Shop-made Tail Vise

Transform your workbench with custom-fit workholding – without any fuss. by Don Williams pages 42-45 For many woodworkers, especially those of the Galoot persuasion, a workbench [...]

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Hammer Veneering

Discover how and why this age-old hide glue technique works – and works best. by Don Williams pages 32-34 One of the great hurdles for many woodworkers new to traditional [...]

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